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The importance of Calibrating and Bump Testing Gas Detectors

Uncalibrated gas detectors significantly increase the potential for  employee exposure to dangerous gas hazards, which in turn can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities.

Regular checking and maintenance of your gas detecting equipment is essential to ensuring that is operating correctly and providing full protection.

Gas Detectors save lives, but they can fail in an unsafe way so the functional tests using non-refillable calibration gas canisters are very important. Non-refillable calibration gas canisters are used to both calibrate and functionally test gas detection equipment.

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Where is gas detection equipment used?

  • Area Monitoring - Area gas monitors have the same concept of many other single and multi gas detectors, only they can detect gas in a wider area than your breathing zone.
  • Leak Detection - Gas leak detectors can ensure a safe working environment by not only identifying the source of any potential leak, but also monitoring CO2 content in the air.
  • Hot Work - For work that involves the use of burning, welding or spark producing equipment there is a tangible fire risk. Gas Detection units in these environments are often equipped to monitor multiple gas types to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Confined space entry - Utilising gas detection monitors is vital when entering or working in confined spaces. There are many gases that can be either lighter or heavier than air, meaning that gas detecting equipment needs to be positioned in the relevant areas.
  • Personal Protection - Typically worn directly on worker’s clothing or attached to PPE, personal gas detectors are usually small and lightweight units that continuously monitor ambient air.

Industries that use our Non‐Refillable Canisters

Non-refillable gas canisters are used as calibration gases and for bump testing in a host of industries:
Fire Service
Food Production
Beverage Production
Public Works
Oil & Gas
Water Treatment
Iron / Steel Production
Marine / Shipyard
Pulp & Paper

Non-refillable gas canisters are the best option in all applications where portability is essential and where volume of gas required is small.

Common Application Examples for our Non-Refillable Canisters

Gas monitoring in food packaging
MAP packaging

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a technique that involves modifying the atmosphere inside a package to extend the shelf life of a product.

Most commonly used as means of slowing the oxidation process on food items, MAP serves to preserve freshness, lower moisture levels and maintain nutritional value.

Non-refillable gas canisters are used by food process operators to calibrate food atmosphere analysis instruments. This is an important part of quality control and checking the integrity of food packaging.

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Refrigerant leak detection
Refrigerant leak detection

Non-refillable gas canisters are used to test refrigerant leak detection equipment to aid compliance with European Union F Gas Regulations.

Detecting leaks in refrigerated units is essential to both maintaining HVAC performance and mitigating potential fire/explosion risks.

Air Products have developed a range of gas mixtures specifically for leak detection in refrigerant and air conditioning units.

Our non-refillable canisters ensure that testing equipment remains correctly calibrated to safely monitor any uncontrolled release of gas.

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Gas canisters for education

Regular calibration of gas testing in education science laboratory environments is essential to ensuring accurate and reliable measurements and adhering to safety regulations.

Non-refillable gas canisters are often used by teachers and science technicians to support science experiments in schools and universities, as usually the quantity of gas needed is low.

Oxygen depletion alarm testing
Oxygen depletion alarm testing

Oxygen deficiency monitors or depletion alarms are critical in any room or enclosed area in which low oxygen levels can occur. If the oxygen level in the air drops below a pre-set value, the alarm warns occupants both inside and outside the room of the incident. Oxygen Depletion Alarms are typically used in a range of industries from medical, diving supplies and even breweries.

Non-refillable gas canisters are ideal for oxygen depletion alarm testing, being portable and easy to use.

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Gas detector bump testing
Bump testing

A Bump Test, otherwise known as a Periodic Function Test, is one of the simplest and most efficient means of verifying the functionality of portable gas detection monitors. During a Bump Test a gas detection unit is exposed to a target gas with a high enough concentration to trigger an alarm indication. Bump Testing is also able to exclude issues that would not ordinarily be identified through a traditional calibration test such as potential damage to an alarm speaker.

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Gas testing for laboratory use
Low volume general laboratory usage and one-off projects

With volumes from 10 to 110 litres, non-refillable gas canisteres are more convenient and cost-effective for mixtures and pure gases when the usage is either low volume or one-off.

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Our range of non-refillable products is comprehensive and covers all major gas detection applications.

Use the below product selector to explore and purchase a limited selection of our calibration gases, and complimentary equipment. The gases listed in our selector are the most popular ones and typically held in stock, these will, therefore, be available for immediate dispatchment by courier.

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"Our business relies on simple bump testing of gas detectorson board marine vessels. Complex high pressure cylinders and regulators would make the job too difficult but we find the Air Products non-refillable offerings very easy to use and the equipment is simple to operate."

GMS Instruments, Rotterdam

"We are involved in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of a wide range of gas detection equipment into many market sectors. The fact that the Air Products’ range covers all of the flammable, toxic, quad-gas and corrosive gas requirements for this market is very important to us."

Autochim, France

"Personal, portable and fixed gas detection equipment is widely used in many safety critical applications and these items are often subjected to relatively harsh environments and working conditions. The gas sensing element within this equipment is perhaps the most fragile and crucial component, and if this was to fail, it would render the equipment useless. The selection of appropriate test gas is important to ensure the bump test is carried out correctly and as an active member of CoGDEM, Air Products know about it. They have contributed to the CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection, a new hardback reference book which explains best practice and aids the selection of suitable test gases and equipment."

Leigh Greenham, Director, CoGDEM