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Our range of non-refillable products is comprehensive and covers all major gas detection applications.

Use the below product selector to explore and purchase a limited selection of our calibration gases, and complimentary equipment. The gases listed in our selector are the most popular ones and typically held in stock, these will therefore be available for immediate dispatchment by courier.


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Complimentary equipment

We offer a range of complementary equipment for our canisters, recommendations for this product are shown below.

Fixed-flow regulator
Fixed-flow regulator (plated brass)

This unit is preset to deliver gas at a fixed flow rate of 0.5lpm. Ideal for noncorrosive gases. The pressure gauge shows the canister contents and a short length of polyurethane tubing is supplied.

Dial-a-flow Gas Regulator
Dial-a-Flow™ regulator (plated brass)

An easy to use, plated brass, lightweight regulator, giving enhanced functionality over the traditional fixed flow unit. It offers 9 pre-setflow rates in a single compact design.

Gas canister recycling tool
Canister recycling tool

This recycling tools enable Air Productsnon-refillable canisters and aerosols to bedepressurised and safely recycled*
*Outside EU check local legislations

Specification, Reliability and Certification

Air Products’ canister range allows users to achieve the ideal compromise between gas capacity and portability. See below for further information on our product specifications.

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"Our business relies on simple bump testing of gas detectorson board marine vessels. Complex high pressure cylinders and regulators would make the job too difficult but we find the Air Products non-refillable offerings very easy to use and the equipment is simple to operate."

GMS Instruments, Rotterdam

"We are involved in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of a wide range of gas detection equipment into many market sectors. The fact that the Air Products’ range covers all of the flammable, toxic, quad-gas and corrosive gas requirements for this market is very important to us."

Autochim, France

"Personal, portable and fixed gas detection equipment is widely used in many safety critical applications and these items are often subjected to relatively harsh environments and working conditions. The gas sensing element within this equipment is perhaps the most fragile and crucial component, and if this was to fail, it would render the equipment useless. The selection of appropriate test gas is important to ensure the bump test is carried out correctly and as an active member of CoGDEM, Air Products know about it. They have contributed to the CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection, a new hardback reference book which explains best practice and aids the selection of suitable test gases and equipment."

Leigh Greenham, Director, CoGDEM