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MAP packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a food packaging process that involves changing the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package to extend the shelf life of the product. This involves altering the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen within the package to extend the shelf life of perishable products, typically within the food industry.

Air Products has many years of experience and applications knowledge in MAP. We understand the importance of headspace gas analysis during the quality control (QC) process. Part of our leading Experis® gas range, our non-refillable canisters are ideal for supplying the certified gas mixtures needed for the calibration of your analytical equipment.

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Non-Refillable Canisters in Headspace Analysis

Benefits of Non-Refillable Canisters in Headspace Analysis

Our non-refillable canisters contribute to the precision of headspace analysis by providing a known and controlled volume for sampling, vital for quality control and compliance with food packaging industry regulations.

Precision and Accuracy - Non-refillable canisters provide a controlled and known volume for gas sampling, ensuring precise and accurate analysis of the headspace composition. This precision is essential for maintaining the desired gas mixture within MAP.

Regulatory Compliance - Many regulatory standards for MAP require precise monitoring of gas compositions. Non-refillable canisters facilitate compliance with these standards by providing a reliable and standardised method for sampling and analysis.

Prevention of Gas Contamination - Non-refillable canisters help prevent contamination of the headspace by outside gases during the sampling process. This is crucial for maintaining the controlled atmosphere and preventing unintended alterations to the gas composition.

Safety Considerations - Single-use canisters eliminate the potential safety risks associated with handling and refilling pressurised gas containers. This contributes to a safer working environment, particularly in settings where strict safety protocols are essential.

The most common mixtures used in MAP headspace analysis are available as standard products with no minimum order quantities, and include:

MAP headspace analysis - standard products
The above products are also available as 58L canisters.

Headspace Gas Sampling

Through headspace analy sis, manufacturers can closely monitor and confirm the levels of different gases within packaging, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. The use of non-refillable canisters promotes consistency in the sampling process across different batches and production runs. This ensures reliable and comparable results, contributing to quality control efforts.

Air Products' Freshline® gases

Air Products' Freshline® gases are a leading food packaging solution. The extensive utilisation of this range encompasses extending the shelf life of various food items, including salads, cheeses, meats and bakery products.

Air Products' Freshline® gases


Our range of non-refillable products is comprehensive and covers all major gas detection applications. Use the below product selector to explore and purchase a limited selection of our calibration gases, and complimentary equipment. The gases listed in our selector are the most popular ones and typically held in stock, these will, therefore, be available for immediate dispatch by courier.

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